It's all in the mind

The way the world works is that what you believe is what you have


20 years ago I read a newspaper article about science discovering the holographic nature of the world. It came at the right time, because I had just started to study the spiritual world. I have spent the last twenty years in a unique deep trance meditation, the results of which I have begun to put into form in such and such. As I maintain a deep-trans consciousness connection to this day, I consider my presence in the 3D outside world as an adventure and I choose to take them.


The question arises as to how and where I can make use of this body of knowledge, which is constantly turning to the level of my logical interpretability, without interrupting the work I am doing at other levels of consciousness.

  • Sport | mental and technical preparation of sports professionals

  • Healing | with crystals and holoprogramming

  • Trainings | knowledge transfer

  • Project support | on spiritual frequencies


Because I'm still meditating, I have very limited contact with people and I don't live a fast life at all. However, I am open to adventures where both parties find what they are looking for and avoid what might lead them astray.