Life is a Game

Literally a game. As I return my consciousness from a 20-year meditation on the physical plane, where my body was present all along, I agree with the new discovery of science. If the world is a hologram, then reality is nothing but a holographic game. As you look out your eyes, you see this.Although my activities are diverse and most of them are not even understandable at the level of everyday reality, this website has the topics that are. Adapting to business thinking.

Regardless of the activity, they are accounted for in the spirit of "Adventure" for me, travelling in 3D, I'm on a kind of creative holiday.

Holo Programming

In my 20 years of meditation, I have devoted a great deal of attention to the study of the hologram. Since every human being is technically a holo projection, holo programming can be used to heal the body, soul, spirit and consciousness, among many other directions.

Knowledge transfer

In addition to the many advantages of using a self-developed system, one major disadvantage is that it is hardly understood by anyone other than me. I can take this knowledge with me to the grave, but I can also pass it on to those who meet certain parameters. At the moment, I do not have the capacity to deal with this, but as a guest I am happy to share my experiences and answer questions.

Development support

Have you ever wondered where inspiration comes from? Because I do and I have taken the time and depth to do so. The result is a spiritual backing for R&D.

Contact Me

I'm still meditating now, I don't live a fast life. Since my aspects are difficult to understand at the level of everyday reality, I reserve the right to refuse.